In July of 2012, brown dog ice cream was opened with one goal in mind, to offer a handcrafted quality ice cream using locally sourced ingredients and to bring an added benefit to our then sleepy little town. Making small batches, using only the finest and freshest ingredients ensures that the ice cream is fresh – made and served within a day and having flavors changes sometimes multiple times during the course of a day.

Summers on the Eastern Shore are filled with sun and salty breezes, and with children’s laughter streaming out the door of the brown dog homemade ice cream shop on Mason Ave in the bayside town of Cape Charles, Virginia. There are golf carts humming down the streets - some with humans and others with dogs. One cart in particular tools throughout town with a huge, loveable chocolate lab named Foster. Known throughout the town by the grownups who he greets with a scoot like dance to the children he greets with a wag of the tail and a huge lick to be sure that every last bit of ice cream has been wiped from every little chin. He is the namesake of brown dog ice cream and he visits daily in between long swims in the Chesapeake Bay and walks from our offices located right around the corner.

brown dog’s homemade traditional favorites are served alongside others of unique flavor blends that stimulate the mind and the taste buds. Cups, cones, sundaes and freshly made Belgian waffle ice cream sandwiches satisfy your hunger while our iced or hot coffee, unique soda floats, milkshakes, malts and brown dog root beer will quench your thirst. fun to visit and meet up with old and new friends We’re about building a strong local community – both in the neighborhoods where we do business and by purchasing as many local products as possible to help support our local, small and organic farms.